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Our 10+ years of experience allows us to build innovative hi-tech solutions
that bring real value to the client

Software Engineering

We create custom software applications based on .Net technology stack. Among our services is also support and development of applications inherited from other teams.

Web Application Development

We have years of experience in developing web application of different scale and complexity. Responsive design, cross-browser front-end, high load back-end, complex business rules - we know how to do it.

Mobile Application Development

Euristiq has years of experience building mobile applications that now are being used by millions of users. Combining our UI/UX expertise and tech excellence we can create both simple and at the same time powerful mobile applications.

UI/UX Design

We believe the best applications are simple and easy to use, but functional and stylish. Our skilled designers will start with your needs to develop a truly customized experience. As the result, you will get a streamlined application that works the way you need it to.

Dedicated Team

We can help you boost your business by establishing dedicated software development teams in our development center in Ukraine. You have full control of the personnel, while we take care of infrastructure and administrative services.

Research and Development

We help our clients to innovate by validation and adoption of new technologies. We can setup a small lean team for you of highly experienced engineers at a price of one developer in San Francisco or Oslo.


SQL Server

About Us

Euristiq is a small fast growing software development company
that can quickly adopt to client's needs.

We are located in the very heart of Europe, the cultural capital of Ukraine - the city of Lviv. The city has eight high-end universities with more than four thousand talented IT-graduates every year which makes it one of the fastest growing IT spots in this part of the world. We target small dynamic startups that share same values with us and move with the same pace.

Our Values


Behind every business and every project stand people who do the job. In order to get the maximum result, we value trust as a key component of our success - both with our clients and our employees.

The Sky's The Limit

We value people that are stubborn in solving problems, don't give up easily and constantly push the boundaries.


We believe that curiosity is a key trait for growth and development. We employ seekers and encourage ourselves to never stop improving.


Deep understanding of mathematics and physics is key for great software engineers and so we build our team based on this value.


Euristiq was founded by two seasoned software development experts Pavlo and Ivan who make a perfect combination of hard technical skills and client oriented business approach.

Ivan Muts


Holds Master Degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics and another Master Degree in Technology Management. Has 9 years of experience in IT outsourcing business on very different roles - started as a software engineer, then switched into a managerial career. Delivered projects to Fortune 500 clients. Ivan has a passion for both technology and business and believes that one cannot succeed without the other.

Pavlo Tkhir


Studied together with Ivan at the university where he obtained a Master's' degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics and was recognized as one of the best graduates. The real geek in a good meaning of this word. Has 10 years of professional software engineering experience. Was the lead architect of very complex enterprise systems where he proved his technical excellence. What's amazing about Pavlo, is he can quickly master new technology and quickly deliver results.

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